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SalePartners is pleased to offer great services and discounts through its select business partners. Please check back often for new special offers, features, discounts, and more.


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Prop SurePropsure is your motor plan for houses giving both parties peace of mind by providing monetary cover for those things that go wrong after the sale of a prope....
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Rent Sure Renting a property to the wrong person can cause headaches – months and months without receiving rentals whilst trying to get an eviction order, only to find the tenan....
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Inspecta Home

For peace of mind, home inspections are essential if you are selling or buying a home, or even if you’re building a new one. Countrywide, houses are being sold and bought every day wi....
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Bond Originators

Should you require the sevices of a bond originator you can contact them by clicking the buttons below.

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Home Services

We will soon be adding services that you will find helpful in selling or leasing your property. Please check back soon.

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Property buyers consultants

The services of a Property Buyers Consultant

With a dedicated property buyers consultant you have someone on your side and acting in your interests throughout the entire process. Our service will include the following:

Moneyback Guarantee

We realise that selling your own home may be difficult and that sometimes it doesn't work - that's why we give you the opportunity to move your mandate to any of our accredited partners and, if they sell the property, we will refund you in full ....
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