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How it works - five easy steps to selling your home privately
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Critical to the sale of any property is full assessment of its current condition and any repairs that are required to make it saleable for the best possible price. Remember that kerb appeal is an all important element of any sale, i.e. dress the house to look its best as most people will remember what they see first and last. Given the new laws applicable to the sale of a property in South Africa, it is vital that you disclose any material defects or have these properly fixed prior to the transfer of the property if not disclosed to the purchaser.

Our Home Preparation Checklist will help you to get a clear idea of where to spend your money and effort to make you home as appealing to prospective buyers as possible. Since you are your own agent, the financial benefits from any repairs and improvements go directly into your pocket – not into an agent's commission.


SalePartners show you the practical and effective methods that traditional estate agents use to market a property so that you can employ them for your own benefit. We take the mystery out of marketing so that you are armed with the knowledge to research the value of comparable properties. You can then set an appropriate price for your home and prepare marketing materials that will present your property to prospective buyers in the most appealing manner.

Dealing with buyers

We explain how you can use some people-skills when dealing directly with potential buyers to make your home stand out from those they have already seen. This section shows you how to prepare for an open house that will draw and impress prospective buyers, as well as effective sales presentations to prospective buyers who have made an appointment for a home visit. You will also be empowered with negotiating skills that help you get the best offer for your home.

Closing the sale

In this section, we show you how to smoothly cross the threshold from 'For Sale' to 'Sold'. The responsibilities of both the seller and the buyer are discussed and we provide you with a Final Review Checklist to make sure that you have covered all the necessary requirements for a smooth and profitable sale.

Legal Issues and Costs

We give you a complete outline of the legal aspects that come into play when you are selling your home and advise you what to focus on when hiring a transfer attorney to ensure that you and your attorney are an appropriate fit and that the legal matters will be dealt with smoothly and at the least cost to you.

* All of this information is made available to you in our series of e-books


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